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Vedic Astrology Lesson 16

Regarding the Second House

The second house is the significator of wealth and speech. Domestic happiness is also its signification.

If the second house is a benefic sign and if the second house is tenanted by benefics and if the second lord is in a quadrant or a trine, he will become immensely rich with oratorial prowess.

If the Ascendant lord is weak and if the second lord is weak with malefics posited in 6,8,12 houses, he will be poor and helpless. If the second lord is exalted in a quadrant or trine, and if that sign ispositor is powerfully posited in benefic houses, he will have remendous wealth and will protect a lot of people. If the second lord is aspected by benefics and is posited in a quadrant or trine, he will be handsome. If not, he will be ugly and wicked. If the second lord is aspected by malefics and is with malefics, he will stammer and stutter. If the second lord is with malefics, is posited in the tenth with an afflicted Sun, and if Mars and the Sun are posited in the second house, his speech will be afflicted and he will be rejected by others.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 12 Houses

The Effects of the Second Lord in the Ist House

As the 2nd lord is in the ascendant the native will be wealthy. But there may be strained relationships with other members of his/her family. He/she wants to be away from home and he/she will long for pleasures outside his/her home and family. The native have to be careful not to get involved in fraudulent transactions. They will be subjected to vicissitudes as financial ups and downs mark their career. They do not care much for manners & their manners may be frowned down by society. Domestic happiness becomes a problem. The native will be sweet tongued but sometimes she/he will be prone to anger and angry words.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 2nd House

As the 2nd lord is in the 2nd house, the native will be financially sound. To be great is to be misunderstood & the native's expressions of self-confidence and pride are likely to be misunderstood. Flattery will give ego satisfaction. They do not like those who question their knowledge as they feel that they know all the answers. They are most likely to have a small family. They will be sweet toun- ged and will be known for their gift of the gab. The native's wealth will be above medium and above want.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 3rd House

If the 2nd lord is in the 3rd the native will be blessed with the qual- ilites of valour, wisdom and economic prudence. They believe that love is physical and do not believe in Platonic Love. To the native love and existence are synonyms. The native may fall under the temptation of atheism and the native may become attached to luxurious life. One sister will help. They are interested in music and fine arts and this will help them professionally. The native needs intellectual company in both love and business. They are not bothered by religious rituals. The native may be looked down upon by people as a miser.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 4th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 4th, the native will be blessed by house and conveyances. The native will be blessed by a pious and religious mother. They have to develop a protective shell to shield themselves from those who assassinate their character. They will be frugal in money matters. The native will earn well from land & automobiles as 4th house represents vehicles and land. The native's oratorial prowess will impress the native's friends & relatives. The native may be helped by maternal relatives. The native may be helped by the native's mother and her brothers & sisters.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 5th House

As the second lord is in the 5th, the native will be lucky with investm- ents which will pave the way for prosperity even for the next ge- neration. The native may become a victim of abandonment & lack of symp- athy. This may shock them to the extreme.This has a bad effect on them in the sense they become unkind to people. Gains unexpected in the form of lotteries likely. They find the domestic atmosphere restrictive sometimes and sometimes enjoyable. This is good for speculation. They can try their luck in lotteries & the stock market.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 6th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 6th, the native gains from and through enemies power, privilege and wealth. The native will cut anyone to size who go against the native's wishes & aspirations. They always achieve what they really want even though people say they employ means that are not above board. The native's wealth and power may be attributed to black marketing, black mailing and deceit. Be careful about health. The native may be assailed by health hazards in the latter part of life. The natives are likely to be subject to persecution from enemies. The native will emerge victorious in the end.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 7th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 7th the medical profession may attract them with its treasures. They always condescend and always help others who are lacking in luck. They may waste much money for the gratification of the senses. They have to instill discipline at home. Otherwise they will be criticised heavily. The native may have many sources of income, one of them foreign. The native's partner may be religious and pious. The native's partner will have a good aristocratic background. The native's wealth will be subject to fluctuations as alternate ups and downs mar the native's career.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 8th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 8th it will be difficult for them to retain assets. Misunderstandings with members of family likely. The native's hypersensitivity is so high that even a hint of emotional abandonment can bring about unreasonable panic, if not terror. They are likely to lose wealth. Elder brother may misunderstand The native will have to put in extra effort to retain inherited wealth. Relatives turn enemies. The native's words may be misunderstood and there may be enmity. Domestic happiness becomes a problem. Beware of anger and angry words.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 9th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 9th, the native will attain to wealth & the native will have professional expertise during the latter part of the native's career. During the early period of the native's life there will be considerable suffering, both physical & mental. The native may secretly resent the loss of childhood innocence & pleasures. The native have to establish unrivalled command on others to retain the image of superiority & self respect.The native will visit pilgrim spots and follow Religion & Philosophy as 9th house represents Wisdom. The native may get legacies & benefits will come from many a source.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the I0th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 10th house the native will have professional expertise in whatever profession he has chosen. The native will have to exercise the maximum temperance & keep away from temptations. The native's concept of love is that it is physical and corporeal They do not believe in Platonic Love. The native may not get much happiness from progeny. The native will be engaged in many a vocation. The native will do business or take to agriculture The native will also indulge in philosophical dissertations or lectures. As a result the native may get fame, name & largesse.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 11th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 11th, manifold will be the sources of income The native will attain fame by virtue of his/her diligence. The native's health will progressively improve. During childhood the native may have health problems. The native can earn money by banking and finance. The native's self development stuns people and growth generates envy, as both 2nd and 11th represents wealth The native will be sufficiently welloff and above want. As the 11th represents the fulfillment of all desires the second lord posited therein indicates that all the native's desires will be fulfilled.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the I2th House

As the 2nd lord is in the 12th, the native will be devoid of immense wealth. It is quite likely that the native may be interested in other's material possessions. The native may not get much happiness from the elder brother. The native may yearn for such love. The native may be cheated by people. There may be violation of confidentiality as the trust the native place in people may be violated. The native should curb the tendency to criticize others. They may have a vocation connected by rituals and religion. They are quite likely to be involved with the government.

Astrology and the Science of Numbers ( Numerology )

Numerology, dealing with Numbers and with the Numberless Infinite as the base, can be a prognosticating tool in the psychic sciences. One's lucky numbers can be known and this can be used in one's profession.

Astrology & Gemology

Richard Shaw Brown, Jr ( gives a list of the Nava Ratnas along with secondary gems and their ruling planets.

1.RUBY, red garnet,,and red tourmaline [rubellite] are ruled by the Sun
2.NATURAL PEARL,moonstone,white coral and natural[death] ivory are ruled by Moon
3.YELLOW SAPPHIRE,yellow topz,yellow beryl[helioder] and citrine are ruled by Jupiter zircon,spessertite and other orange garnets are ruled by Rahu
5.EMERALD.,tsavorite ,green tourmaline,diopside,peridot and jade are ruled by Mercury
6.DIAMOND,white[colorless] sapphire, white topaz, zircon and quartz are ruled by Venus
7.CHRYSOBERYL CAT'S EYE,beryl, apatite and tourmaline cat's eyes are ruled by Ketu
8.BLUE SAPPHIRE,tanzanite[blue zoisite],blue spinel, iolite amethyst are ruled by Saturn
9.RED CORAL.carnelian and bloodstone are ruled by Mars

Astrology, Holistic Medicine & Ayurveda

Why holistic health practices fail or succeed partially Main reason for the failure of holisitc health practices is that Prana or Life Energy does not flow freely within the individual or between the individual & the universal life, owing to the presence of obstructions within.These obstructions are caused by Samskaras, psychic memories or residual traces of our past actions and experiences. Samskaras are of two kinds, those which only produce memories ( smriti ) of past experiences and those which produce impulses or drives to repeat these experiences ( vasanas) . These two are interlinked to form complex patterns of love, hate, fear etc. It is these complexes that obstruct the free flow of Life-Energy in us.

Removing Mental Blocks

Many of these complexes are formed in childhood and adolescence. Then unpleasant or traumatic experiences take place, the tendency of a child or teenager is to repress them. Repression is a form of pushing the psychic memories into the unconscious regions of the mind. The growing youth may not be able to recollect those psychic memories again, but the repressed samskaras lodged in the hidden recesses of the unconscious go on creating psychological and psychosomatic problems for him. All psychosomatic disorders cannot be cured by holistic health tech- iques unless these repressed complexities are ferreted out and onfronted. The past samskaras should be deactivated. For this the seeker has to dive deep into his unconscious & encounter the past experiences and deactivate them. Most people find it difficult to do it without the active help of a competent guide. Those who depend on the Ocean of Consciousness ( the Absolute or God ) may , however, find that these inner blocks are removed by Divine Grace.This is the rationale behind faith healing & miraculous cures.

Extension of Consciousness

Life,a gift from the Divine, is a great healing power. Nothing ever begins to be; Substance merely undergoes a parallel transformation into conditions which pre-existed in other conditions. Life, similarly, does not begin to be. As Energy, as per the Law of Conservation of Energy or Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so too is Life Eternal.

At the physical level, the eternal healing power of life manifests itself as

a) Self-renewal

b) The immune system.

For many years it has been known that the body can filter and re-use its fluids & repair damages to tissues, especially skin and bone, by growing new cells. Modern Science has shown that self-renewal is constantly taking place in every part of the body. Almost all the cells in the body are constantly being replaced by new ones. Somebody said " I am not the same person I was one year ago"! The entire body gets renewed in this way every year & this shows that it is never too late to regain your health. By changing one's basic attitudes and way of living, the damage to the body caused by years of misuse & neglect can be overcome. One the great marvels of the universe is the human immune system. Those who are aware of the biochemical processes going on in the body will agree with Walt Whitman " To me every hour of the day & night is an unspeakably perfect miracle". Dr Walter Cannon said " The Wisdom of the body is the most precise of all selective refinements" !

The Components ( Four Units ) of our Immune System
The fourfold immune system consists of the following units;
1 The granulocyte-macrophage unit
2. The lymphocyte unit
3. The antibody unit
4. The complement unit
The first two are varieties of white blood corpuscles, wherein the last two are chemicals, proteins. All the four units of our immune system launch a concerted attack on the invaders as soon as a few bacteria break into any tissue in the body. ( The antibody unit has been defined as an army of one million) Western medical science is wondering who masterminds this attack or who plans these strategies. Common sense, logic, intuition & experience suggest that somewhere behind all this there must be a master control. Why do sometimes cells become malignant and attack neighbouring cells ? Why it goes awry, sometimes,when our defence units attack innocent cells mistaking them for enemy microbes ? Western medical science is researching hard to find answers to these difficult questions.

A good site where you can get quality information about Holistic Medicine is

Ayurveda, as the Science of Holistic Health is curative and restorative and its medicines do not have side effects. More info about Ayurveda can be had from

Astrology & Yoga

Yoga is derived from the word "Yuj" which means to unite. Union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence is the aim of Yoga. The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in Oriental Philosophies.

They are

1. Union via Action ( Karma Yoga )
2. Union via Psychic Control ( Raja Yoga )
3. Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi Yoga )
4. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga )
Union via Action is for the person of active temparament.
Union via Psychic Contro is for the person of adventurous temparament
Union via Universal Love is for the person of emotional temparament.
Union via Wisdom is for the person of intellectual temparament.
These four paths are not different from one another. They are all part of the Fourfold Yoga. Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he is to achieve the Ultimate Goal. Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect. When the intellect discriminates between the Real & the Unreal. The intellect which discriminates between Being and Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana Yoga.

Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi Yoga.

Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should be incorporated by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress in the field of Raja Yoga.

Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga.

In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for mankind , all these four great qualities - Selfless service, love, psychic control & the discriminative intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual aspirant to develop in the field of Yoga.

Yoga was defined by Aurobindo as a methodic process towards self-perfection through a development of the latent potential at the five levels of Being - physical, vital, mental, intellectual & spiritual. Normal man lives only in the first three sheaths - physical, vital & mental. Only when we use our hidden spiritual potential - the intell- ectual & the bliss sheaths - can be unfold our full mental potential.

Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra )

Vedanta focusses on the Sat ( Existence ) aspect of Absolute Being. Tantra, on the other hand, focusses on the Chit ( Knowledge ) aspect of Being. The Existence aspect is absolutely absolute while the Knowledge aspect takes care of the Absolute and the Relative.

Books as the repository of all knowledge

The outpourings of the Intuitive Mind came to be known as great Literature, the rise and flow of Eternal Wisdom. While the Rational Mind of man focussed on Science, the Intuitive Mind of mind focussed on the supra-mundane, the sublime, the divine. Poetry was defined as the fulness of generation of Beauty. All knowledge of both the Rational and the Intuitive Minds were recorded as books, which remain as the source of all information.

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