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Vedic Astrology - Lesson 2

Revealed to the Indian Seers in yogic flashes of heightened Consciousness, Astrology was developed strictly on scientific laws. Backed up by Astronomy and Maths, Astrology continues to rule as the Queen & Mother of all Sciences.

Astro Cycles Theory
Long Astro Cycles have fascinated mankind. This is the Vedic perspective of Astro Cycles.

The Vernal Equinoctial Point was found to precede one degree in every 72 years. Hence as one Zodiacal Sign is 30 degrees in length, 2160 years is the duration of an Age Cycle. We are at the moment undergoing the Piscean Age which will give way to the Aquarian in 2444 AD. It is called the Piscean Age because the Vernal Equinoctial Point is passing through Pisces and is at the moment 06 degrees 40 minutes 24 seconds in Pisces.

Age Cycle ( 72*30) = 2160 years Precessional Cycle (72*360) = 25920 years ( as the Zodiac is 360 degrees ) Equinoctial Cycle (2000*2160) = 43,20000 years Cosmological Cycle ( 2 million * 2160 ) = 4.32 billion years

One Cosmological Cycle ( Brahma Kalpa) was considered to be one Brahma Day and another 4.32 billion years was considered to be one Brahma Night. One Cosmological Cycle was one thousand Equinoctial Cycles ( Chatur Yugas) or 2 million Age Cycles!

The Vedic Calendar - Based on Equinoctial Cycles

An Equinoctial Cycle comprises of 4 Ages.

Satya Yuga = 800 Age Cycles Threta Yuga = 600 Age Cycles Dwapara Yuga = 400 Age Cycles Kali Yuga = 200 Age Cycles ----------------------------------------------------- Maha Yuga = 2000 Age Cycles ( Equinoctial Cycle )

As per Vedic Astronomy, the Dark Age ( Kali Yuga ) commenced from 3102 BC , 16th February Midnight.

The Concept of Ayanamsa

The Date of Coincidence of the Tropical and the Sidereal Zodiacs was found to be 285 AD and the Ayanamsa ( precessional distance ) was called Lahiri's Ayanamsa. Different scholars gave different dates but the Indian Govt in order to standardise the Ayanamsa value took the initial point of the Zodiac as the point in the Ecliptic opposite the star Chitra ( Alpha Virginis ) which was the vernal equinoctial point on the Vernal Equinox day of 285 AD. The rate of precession of the Vernal Equinox was taken as 50.3 seconds per sidereal year.

In Vedic Astrology, Ayanamsa value is deducted from the Tropical longitudes of planets to get the Sidereal longitudes. Hence the longitudes of planets in Western Astrology ( Tropical ) and Indian Astrology differ by 23.5 degrees this year. Natal charts cast in these 2 systems will be entirely different!

The Tropicalists ( Western Astrologers) maintain that the Vernal Point is in the 6th degree of Pisces now . The Siderealists ( Vedic Astrologers ) maintain that the Sidereal Starting Point remains to be 0 degrees Beta Arietis ( Aswini ) and that the Sidereal Zodiac doesn't change.

Scientific Offshoots of Astrology

Pythagorus discovered that the Nine numbers correspond to the Nine revolving heavens and became the founder of Astro-Numerology. The most auspicious number Three was represented by the monarch of the sky, Jupiter.

Another intuitively scientific offshoot of Astrology was Vedic Planetary Gemology. The nine gems correspond to the nine planets and Gems were found to heal humans.This gave birth to the science of Gem Therapy.

Astrology as related to Yoga

As per Indian Philosophy, Astrology was considered to be the foremost amonst the six auxiliary sciences as Yoga was considered to be the foremost amongst the six main sciences. Even Yogis used to consult astrologers about gaining Self-Actualisation. Jupiter, Saturn and the South Node were considered to be the spiritual planets which bring in Immortality or Self-Actualisation.

The Law of Correspondences

There is correspondence between the Seven planets and the Seven Chakras or Dynamos of Cosmic Energy in Man. The Sun at the Centre of the Solar System is represented by the Anahata Chakra and Saturn by the Mooladhara Chakra. " As Above, so Below "- the seven energy centers are arranged exactly as in the Solar Logos. We are, indeed , made in the image of Godhead, in His Image, in the image of the Almighty Solar Logos!

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In our next article we will deal with the properties of the nine revolving heavens and their significations.

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