Effects of Name Number In Indian Numerology

Numerology No. 4

Effects of Name Number 4 In Indian Numerology

In Indian Numerology, every name has a number !

The numbers assigned to the letters of the alphabet are A I J Q Y = 1 B K R = 2 C G L S =3 D M T = 4 E H N X =5 U V W = 6 O Z = 7 F P = 8. No letter has been assigned the number nine.

Suppose a man's name is ABCDEFG, his name number will be 1+2+3+4+5+8+3 = 26 = 2+6 = 8

His individual Name number is 8 & Integral Name Number is 26 !

Here we give the effects for different Integral Name Numbers

Integral Name Number = 13

Even though you may have regal life you will not have much mental peace. You will suffer due to the machinations of women. Dolorous events will come to you unexpectedly. Even though you are not interested you will have to indulge in activities which harm others. This is not a good name number.

Integral Name Number = 22

You are highly emotional by nature. Gambling intoxicants-these fill you with interest and admiration. Even then you will not be subservient to anybody. Because of your efficiency you attain to fame.

Integral Name Number = 31

You love to lead an independent life. You will have expertise in the occult sciences.You will lack clear goals.You will be elated in victory. You will have to face unexpected events. You will take sudden decisions.

Integral Name Number = 40

You will have high ranking job. Fame and rank will come after you. The ways to wealth also will come to you. But then your minus points also come to the fore.You will be ready for any adventure.But the end of your life will be pathetic. The world has not understood you properly - this will be your complaint.

Integral Name Number = 49

You will amass largess due to not hard work but due to other methods. You will have fame & name. Your life will be tumultous & full of unexpected events. You will be deemed lucky. You will have to face many a crisis.You will escape by Grace Divine.

Integral Name Number = 58

You will be a revolutionary. You will attain fame. Whatever activity you indulge in you will emerge victorious. Your rise will be meteoric. You will be proud and humanistic. You will live according to social laws.

Integral Name Number = 67

You will work like a horse. You will be known as an artist.You will have the help of others.You may suffer after being inveigled in love affairs.If you are selfish you will have to bear loss and humiliation.

Integral Name Number = 76

You will have to bear loss. You will attain to peace by thinking that it is not yours. You will be victorious after indulging in social activities. You will create favourable circumstances and lead a comfortable wealthy life. In the latter half of life you may become lazy.

Integral Name Number = 85

After tremendous trials and tribulations you will emerge victorious in the battle of life. You will reach a position will all beings respect. Most of the people born under this number will be altruistic. Your aim will be the alleviation of human suffering.

Integral Name Number = 94

You will do a lot of altruistic deeds and become famous thereby. Even if you die people will remember you for your contributions to humanity. This number is very fortunate spiritua- lly.

Integral Name Number = 103

This is a lucky number. Your life will be marked by many clashes.You will have to change your profession & you will have material prosperity. You will lead a noble life.

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