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Vedic Numerology - Lesson 4

Vedic Numerology, the perfect synthesis between Astrology and Numerology deals with the correspondence between the nine revolving heavens & the nine numbers. It also deals with the effect of many Numbers- the Fadic Number, the Name Number and the Birth Number and the combined Fadic, Name and Birth Numbers.The Pythagorean Law of Vibration states that each number has a particular vibration.

Four - ruled by the Ascending Node or the North Node of the Moon, Rahu

In Astronomy, the two mathematical points where the orbits of the Moon and the Sun intersect are called Ascending Node ( North Node ) & Descending Node ( South Node), Rahu & Ketu.( The orbits of the Sun & the Moon differ by 8 degrees ). They are not actual planets but are shadowy planets. They are important determinants of behaviour. In Sidereal Astrology great importance is attached to the Nodal Axis which becomes the pivot of the horoscope. In Mythology ( which is allegorical and symbolic ), Rahu & Ketu are characterised as demons as both these shadowy planets are natural malefics. Rahu resembles Saturn & Ketu,Mars.

Four is not considered to be a very lucky number as it is ruled by a malefic.

Effects of Fadic Number Four

If the Fourian is YOU!

( Fadic Number is the number got after adding all the digits comprising your date of birth ).

Your Numerological Number is 4 ruled by the Moon's Ascending Node, Rahu.The character of the Fourians is unique & known only to themselves. They view all things from a totally different angle as opposed to the ordinary people who view everything from a common angle. In every argument they argue from the opposite side and because of this tendency they gain a lot of secret enemies. They hate all laws and legal frameworks & destroy all such laws. They oppose the rulers & always establish their own kingdoms and republics. They always believe in the freedom of expression & opinion. They are the people who are born on 4 13 22 & 31 They do not make friends easily. People with numbers 1 2 7 & 8 attract them. The Fourians do not succeed in the realm of material prosperity like the others. If they save money or make money the way they use it will astound everybody. From June 21 to July 21 and July 22 to the end of August is the best time for the fructification of their efforts.

Their lucky days are Saturday Sunday Monday . If these days coincide with the 4 13 22 31 1 2 7 10 11 16 19 20 25 28 29 these days will be the most auspicious.

Their main drawbacks are that they are loners separated from this world and because of that desperation and silence will result.

Your lucky Stone Hessonite
Your Lucky Day Saturday
Your Lucky Month April
Your lucky dates 4 13 22 & 31
Your lucky Colour Black
Martin Luther George Washington Lord Byron and Faraday were born under this number.

Personality Overview

Controller of Life - Moon's Ascending Node

You are controlled by the Moon's Ascending Node, Rahu. Those under the influence of Rahu are always aggressive in outlook and come up financially. They do not hesitate to employ means that are not above board to achieve their objectives. Their business insight & foresight always pay rich dividends.They are very pragmatic in outlook and are more practical than theoretical.

You are subjected to fits of elation and dejection. Ambiguity always upsets you.

In money matters also, ups and downs are indicated. You have tremendous entreprenauership or risk-taking ability which is needed in business.

Rahu is a planet which can give crores and success in speculation & gambling are indicated.

Since you are frank and outspoken many secret enemies are ge- nerated. Your ability to argue logically will confound most people. You will be a controversial figure because you love to destroy darkness, prejudice and ignorance.

Never moving away from the path you have chosen with a fanatical zeal you always push your way to your chosen aim.

In Vedic Astrology, if properly posited, Rahu is the bestower of Wealth. He is also known as the Mokshakaraka. He is the planet of gambling, speculation & hoarding and if powerfully posited in one's natal chart can give immense wealth. The wealth so attained may not be made through legal means. Monetary windfall due to lottery, stock-exchange and jackpot is attributed to Rahu. He rules over three constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac - Alpha Orionis( Aridra), Alpha Bootis(Swati) & Lamda Aquari(Satabhisha).

An Analytical Review

The zodiacal sign representing this number is Aquarius. (Do not confuse this with the birth sign in Astrology ). Those ruled by this sign are always lovers of the human race. But they will never get back what they give.

They are often misunderstood . They are always sufferers al ways plagued by one problem or the other. Even if they achieve success they have to pay a heavy price for it. "Success exacts a heavy price" is true of them.

Aquarians are generally isolated people. They are loners wanting to move away from this madding crowd. They always feel that justice is denied to them.

In Astrology Aquarius is the only sign not okayed by the Masters. But despite this it has many plus points.

Great patience and perseverance are exhibited by the people born under the influence of this number. Stoicism fortitude and indifference are the virtues accruing from it.

Regarding health these people always are subjected to unknown diseases. They are also subjected to thoughts of melancholy. Anaemia mental tension backache headache and eye troubles are common. Fruits and medicinal leaves best suited for them are spinach and ocimum sanctum( sweet basil). They gain a lot due to electric therapy and hypnotism. They should renounce high cholesterol containing stuffs like meat and eggs. They should guard against diseases during the months of January Febraury August July & September. They may experience changes in health during the ages of 13 22 31 40 49 58 and 67.

Negative Aspect

You may be prone to anger as Rahu is an incendiary planet. Anger is said to be man's greatest enemy. If you destroy anger, you become the " Self-Actualising Person of Abraham Maslow living in the widest possible frame of reference."


Ardhakayam Mahaveeram
Chandradithya Vimardhanam
Simhika Garbha Sambhootam
Tham Rahum pranamamyaham
This mantra if recited 108 times daily can confer longevity and fortune. This is the moola Sloka of Rahu.

In Vedic Gemology, Rahu represents Hessonite. Wearing this stone on a Shukla Paksha Saturday ( fifteen days after the New Moon ) will enhance the luck of the Fourians. The Sanskrit text, The Jataka Chandrika assigns Hessonite to Rahu .

In Transcendental Philosophy the Number Four is considered very sacred. Transcendental Consciousness is known as the Fourth or Tureeya. Transcending the three relative states of Consciousness - the waking, the dreaming and the dreamless sleep - is the Divine Transcendental Consciousness which can be experienced via Yoga. In Yogic Psychology the fourth element of the Mind is the Superconscious Mind ( the other three being Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious). The Superconscious is the foundation of the Mind and not the Subconscious as believed by modern psychologists.

The Indian sages talked about the Fourfold Veds. Yogas are Four!

In Western Astrology The Fourth House is the IC , the Imum Coeli, an important house. This, they say, is the source of the Subconscious Mind.

Mythologic Story

One powerful demon drank the nectar of Immortality. This was reported by the Sun and the Moon to Lord Vishnu. He used the divine discus and cut the demon into two. The head of the demon became Rahu and the tail Ketu known as Caput Draconis and Cauda Draconis in Latin. Astronomical symbology has it that Vishnu is the orbit of the earth known as the Ecliptic and the demons, the North & South Nodes of the Moon. In his book " De Sapientia Vaterum " ( The Wisdom of the Ancients ) , Bacon opined that scientific truths are contained in myths!

In the next article we will deal with the Fivians - who are ruled by the Number Five and by Mercury, the intellectual planet known as Hermes in Grecian Mythology and Budha in Indian Mythology.

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